Qwined Distributor Awards Gallery

The award-winning Qwined Technical Editor is a sophisticated editing tool for the latest Windows operating systems.

Qwined Technical Editor is a professional editing tool supporting over one hundred programming languages and configuration file formats. It is localized in thirty different languages covering Europe, the Far East and Latin America.

Qwined Technical Editor is distributed worldwide by all the major download sites, such as Microsoft Windows Marketplace and cnet dowdnload.com, and by many others. Year after year it is awarded by many of the global distributors.

Distributor Awards 2011-2013
Windows 8 Downloads 5 Star Award Qwined Multilingual Technical Editor is Windows 8 compatible 64-bit download.com 5 Star Award

 Editor's Choice 5 Stars from getabest.com

5 Stars from downloadarea.com

5 Stars from windows7downloads.com

 Reviewer's Choice winner from downloadnew.org

 5 Stars from x64bitdownload.com

 5 Stars from download4a.com

5 Stars from litefile.com

 5 Stars from freedownload1.com

 Editor's Pick by planetsoft.com

 5 Stars from geardownload.com

Verified completely clean by geardownload.com

5 Stars from softwarelister.com

 Verified completely clean by downloadroute.com

 5 Stars from downloadroute.com

 5 Stars from freewarepark.com

Compatibility rate from fortedownloads.com

 5 Stars from downloadtyphoon.com

 5 Stars from bestfreeware.com

 5 Stars from kingdownloads.com

 5 Stars from ivertech.com

 Verified completely clean by softpedia.com

 5 Stars from softwarelode.com

5 Stars from redsofts.com

5 Stars from filebuzz.com

 5 Stars from AOL-soft.com

 5 Stars from blueprograms.com

5 Stars from cleansofts.com

5 Stars from filedudes.com

 5 Stars from files32.com

 5 Stars from filetransit.com

5 Stars from programsbase.com

5 Stars from softtester.com

 5 Stars from bestvistadownloads.com

 5 Stars from top4download.com

Compatible with Windows 7 by windows7downloads.com

Works with Windows Vista by freevistafiles.com

 5 Stars from softbuzz.com

Distributor Awards 2010

Excellency from downloadroute.com

5 Stars from flexdownload.com

Clean and Safe from flexdownload.com Five Stars from lastdownload.com
Compatibility rate from Windows 7 downloads 5 Stars from windows7downloads.com Editor reviewed by condeavista.com Listed in Windows 7 downloads
5 Stars from findsoft.net 5 Stars from rbytes.com 5 Stars from top4download.com 5 Stars from downloadsarea.com

Distributor Awards 2009

5 stars from downloadpipe.com

5 stars from softforall.com

5 Stars from geardownload.com 5 Stars from software3000.com

Clean award by downloadatlas.com

Works with Vista from Free Vista Files

Editor's Pick by freedownloadscenter.com User's Choice by freedownloadscenter.com
5 Stars from softdownload22.com x64 compatible by x64bitdownload.com 5 Stars from freesoft.com 5 Stars from softdll.com
5 Stars from trustdownload.com 5 Stars from dddownload.com Recommended by brothersoft.com 5 Stars from qweas.com.com

Distributor Awards 2008

  5 stars from downloadpipe.com

5 stars from geardownload.com

5 Stars from GetFreeSofts.com  Five Stars from Download25.com
 5 Stars from SoftSea.com 5 stars from downloadready.com 5 stars from softforall.com  5 stars from downloadmost.com
5 Star Award from Sofotex 5 Stars from RedSofts 5 Stars from Butterfly 5 Stars of Excellency by Free Shareware Center
5 Stars from BS4D Pure and Clean Certified by WareSeeker 5 Stars from SoftHypermarket
 SoftPicks Best Pick  Clean and safe certified by Softpedia.com  5 stars from downloadthat.com  Safe and Clean Award from suggestsoft.com
Safe and Clean Award from dodownload.com 5 Stars from bestvistadownloads.com Editor's Choice in SoftforAll.com Safe and Clean Award from topshareware.com
Works with Windows Vista Award from freevistafiles.com 5 Stars Award from bestdownloadscenter.com   5 Stars Award from tipdownload.com   5 Stars Award from soft32download.com

Distributor Awards 2007
Softdll 5-Stars Award 5 Stars by PC District Users 5 Stars by PC District Editors   5 Stars from GT Download
5 Stars from DownloadMost   5 Star from DownBroad Clean and 5 from Top Shareware   5 Stars from File Award
5 Stars from soft82.com   Editor's Choice from downloadtopc.com 5 Stars from goldsofts.com   5 Stars from Downloadznow.com

Distributor Awards 2006
5 Stars from Best Vista Downloads 5 Stars from Soft82 5 Stars from BestSoftware4Download   5 Stars from Downloadsofts
Clean and Safe Certified by Soft32Download 5 Star from Programs DB 5 Stars from GetFreeSoft Editor's Choice from RegSoft
5 Stars from Download2you 5 Stars from Gear's Box 5 Stars from Download3000 5 Stars from Brothersoft