Quality Policy

Qwined.org applies ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards to technology and product development. Following these acknowledged standards and guidelines, Qwined.org is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement in the organization, and for customers and partners.

Our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality at Qwined.org matches or exceeds the expectations of the users of our products.

We develop organizational quality awareness through systematic process improvements, training, measurements and development of organizational, customer and partner satisfaction programs.

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class technology and products. Depending on the business area, our quality planning includes development plans, quality plans, documentation and training plans, configuration management plans, a Software Design Specifications, product release and delivery plans, and certification (testing) plans.

We rely upon a detailed document which outlines the way in which Quality Management and Quality Assurance Procedures interact with the development processes. The following is a brief summary of that document.


The purpose of Qwined.org Quality Assurance is to provide a solid mechanism for producing solutions to meet the requirements of our product users. This is achieved by the prevention of non-conformance at all stages from development through to maintenance and by active and continuous improvement.


Our approach to Quality Assurance is based on people and systems and in this order.


Qwined.org has succeeded in a competitive environment through the efforts of its personnel who are highly motivated, skilled and trusted. We do not differentiate roles by job titles, nor by a hierarchy. With this flexibility comes a collective responsibility for Quality Assurance and the opportunity to nominate individuals to particular roles within a team working on any particular contract or commitment.


Our procedures conform to ISO 9000 and our Quality documentation conforms to ISO 2382-1, ISO 8402, ISO 9001 and ISO 10011-1.

Primary Statements

The following are our primary quality statements, upon which our Quality Assurance system is based on. We publish a Quality Policy, which we ensure is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization.

  • We empower all Qwined.org personnel to initiate actions to prevent product or service non-conformance, to identify and record any quality problems, and to recommend solutions or improvements.
  • For every commitment there is a nominated Lead Customer Contact, Lead Technical Contact and Quality Manager.
  • Verification activities including inspection, testing of processes, products and services, design reviews and system audits are carried out by dedicated personnel other than those responsible for the commitment concerned.
  • We work with our customers to define reasonable expectations of Qwined.org products and services and to review results.
  • An independent director of Qwined.org reviews Quality Systems as applied to each commitment, to determine whether a need for future changes is indicated.
  • We believe that effort put into the initial specifications is repaid in minimized re-working at later stages. We also believe that our technology and processes are more pertinent to application design than the traditional cascade life-cycle model.
  • Contracts are reviewed by an independent director of Qwined.org before being made, and are subject thereafter to a Contract Management process, coupled to an audit trail of customer requirements and agreed changes.
  • A systematic design methodology, appropriate to each type of solution and service, is employed utilizing lessons learned from previous experiences.
  • In signing off each commitment, directors of Qwined.org confirm that each stage of the process, from specification through to design, implementation, certification (testing, validation and review) has been completed in accordance with our Quality System.

With our Quality Assurance plan, such that the processes therein are imbued in the everyday work of Qwined.org personnel rather than merely listed in a manual, we aim to minimize misunderstandings, conflicts and errors. We are convinced, as our experience proves, that this approach leads to satisfaction for us and for our users and partners.

If you have any questions relating to our Quality Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@qwined.org.

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