Antipiracy Policy

Our motivation in supporting antipiracy movement together with the commercial software companies is our obligation to our product users, our partners, and the software industry at large.

Piracy threatens development and innovation by cheating legitimate software developers out of the rights and rewards of their valuable and hard-earned work. The loss of jobs, wages, tax revenues and critical investments in new technologies are just some of the possible destructive results of software piracy.

Piracy may harm everyone of us including consumers, honest resellers, the software industry and the national and local economies, not to mention the threats of organized crime connected to large scale piracy.

According to researches software piracy is a serious source of revenue loss for the software industry. These studies estimate the revenue value lost to software piracy for business applications in the U.S. during 2005 was $3.2 billion. Worldwide, the loss is estimated at $12.2 billion or 1 out of every 3 copies being pirated.

Types of Software Piracy

Software piracy comes in many forms. There are three major types that impact all of us:

  • Internet Piracy occurs when copyrighted material is illegally distributed through the use of online services. This includes providing access to software or serial numbers that permit installation of the software through downloads, burned CDs, or linking to or distributing tools that subvert or undermine the copy protections or time-out functions of software.
  • Corporate or End-User Piracy is copying software without acquiring the appropriate number of licenses. This includes under-reporting the number of computers using the software; making additional copies of the software on more computers than the license permits; or installing software on a server that enables employees to download the software without limiting or monitoring the number of copies.
  • Counterfeiting is illegally making copies of software and distributing them in packaging made to appear similar to legitimate products.

Help Us Stop Software Piracy is committed to help preventing piracy. One of the key principles is to maintain and continuously improve our Licensing Program in order to keep it understandable and in order to provide maximum flexibility and ease of use for our product users.

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